Colombard, Monsoon Valley (13%)
Lifted nose of gooseberry, green apple, passion fruit and a touch of Sauvignon Blanc’s character. A food-friendly palate with sweet fruit and punchy flavour within a tight, ripe acidic backbone giving length and velvety dry finish. £19.50

Shiraz, Monsoon Valley (13.5%)
Classic varietal characters of dark plum, cherries, toasted coffee and spices. £19.50

Shiraz Rosé, Monsoon Valley (12%)
Vivid pink Rosé. An intriguing nose of wild strawberry, bonbon candies and a lovely touch of spices. Fresh palate and up-lifted fruit concentration on the palate reflecting its nose. £19.50


1. Pinot Grigio – Principato (12%) – Italy  £17.50

2. Chardonnay – Andes Peak (13%) – Chile  £17.50

3. Viognier – Mont Rocher (13%) – France  £19.50

4. Sauvignon Blanc – Sileni Cellar Selection (13%) – NZ  £23.50


5. Pinot Grigio Blush – Calusari (12%) – Romania £17.50


6. Merlot – Sierra Grande (13%) – Chile £17.50

7. Shiraz – Soldiers Black (14%) – Australia £17.50

8. Vega Del Rayo (13%) – Spain £18.50

9. Pablo y Walter (14.5) – Argentina £19.50

10. Pinot Noir – Sileni Cellar Selection (13%) – NZ £25.50


11. Sancerre Domaine du Pré Semelé (12.5%) – France £27.50
This wine is true classic with ripe gooseberry fruit aromas and a rich, full citrus palate leading to a long satisfying crisp finish.

12. Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy (12.5%) – France £32.50
Rich and rounded with hints of toasty oak, buttery fruit then classic mineral tones and acidity balancing on the finish.

13. Côtes de Provence Rosé – Château Gairoird [organic] (12.5%) £29.50
A classic Provence Rosé, deep salmon pink in color with full-flavoured, yet nicely balanced savory fruit – very much a food Rosé.

14. Ginestet Classique Lussac-Saint-Émilion (14%) – France £27.50
Red wine with a touch of elegance, the nose is rich in plum, spice and every mouthful is brimming with self sweet cherry fruit. A wonderfully structured and balanced St.Emilion.

15. Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge (15%) – France £32.50
A complex wine that has warm and red spicy fruit and damson aromas, Dense dark cherry fruit on the palate, structure, richness and a touch of elegance at the finish.


16. Lunetta Prosecco Spunmante Brut (11%) – Italy £22.50
This is slow made tasty fizz unlike so many other proseccos, time, care and tradition has gone into its making.

17. Crémant – Domaine J.Laurens ‘Les Graimenous’ (12%) £29.50
Crémant is a traditional champagne method sparkling wine made outside of the designated Champagne region. A joy to drink, this wine is crisp dry and delicious.


18. Bollinger Special Cuvée (12%) £55.50
Full flavoured, classic Champagne.

19. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label (12%) £55.50
This fine Champagne displays raisins, vanilla and brioche, together with toasty aromas from aging in the bottle. A beautiful balance between power and finesse.

20. Moët et Chandon Vintage (12.5%) £65.50
Fine and well balanced with a mellow flavour.


£15.50 per 75cl bottle

In an effort to provide the best quality at affordable prices, we are constantly reviewing various wines that we are happy to recommend as our house wines. We firmly believe that any wine we select will offer both quality and excellent value for money.

House Dry White 11.5%
House Medium White 11.5%
House Rose 12%
House Red 13.5%

Please ask the waiter/waitress for details of our current selection.