20. KOW MUN GAI 海南鷄飯 £9.95

Hainanese and Thai style chicken and rice, served with chef’s special sauce complete with chicken broth

21. KOW MOK GAI 雞薑黃飯 £9.95

Aromatic Thai style chicken leg & Thai biriyani rice with spicy sour sauce compliment chicken broth and pickled vegetable

22. KOW PED YARNG 五香鴨配飯 £10.95

Marinated roasted duck in five spices powder with rice served with special soy sauce and complemented with chicken broth

23. KOW KHA MOO MAE WAN 五香元蹄配飯 蔬菜及熟蛋 £9.95

Stewed pork leg in five spices powder served with rice, vegetables and boiled egg

24. MIANG MOO KUM WAN 燒豬頸肉配米粉 £10.50

Marinated slices of pork collar served with rice vermicelli noodles, iceberg lettuce and Thai style chilli and garlic dressing

25. STEAK MOO GRAPOW GROB ** 金不換豬頸肉配薯條 £11.50

Pork collar steak topped with crispy holy basil sauce served with chips

26. SEE KRONG MOO KHAI FOO 排骨配飯和煎蛋 £9.95

Stewed spare ribs in barbeque sauce and rice served with crispy Thai omelette

27. KOW KLUK KAPI 蝦醬炒飯 £9.50

Stir fried rice with shrimp paste to give it a slightly, yet not overpowering, shrimp aroma with a variety of toppings

28. GANG MASSAMAN * 瑪沙曼咖哩配飯 (可選鷄腿或滷肉)£9.50 (N)

Massaman curry with a choice of chicken leg or stewed pork served with Thai biriyani rice and pickle relish

29. GANG DANG (GF) ** 红咖喱配飯 £9.50

Thai aromatic red curry and rice served with meat of your choice.

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)

30. GANG KIEW WAN (GF) ** 綠咖哩配飯(可選任可肉類或海鮮)£9.95

Thai green curry with rice or rice noodle served with meat of your choice 32

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)

31. GAI TORD GANG DANG 紅咖哩鷄配飯 £9.50

Karaage chicken with reduction of red curry sauce served with rice

32. GANG PANANG & KHAI JEAW FOO (GF) ** 帕能咖哩配飯(可選任可肉類或海鮮)£9.95

Thai panang curry and rice with meat of your choice. Complemented with crispy omelette

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)

33. GRAPOW & KHAIDOW *** 金不換小炒配飯和煎蛋(可選任可肉類或海鮮)£9.95

Most popular stir-fried chilli, garlic, Thai holy basil, served with rice and fried egg

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck) (Gluten free optional)

34. PAD PREAW WAN 泰式古嚕小炒跟鷄湯(可選任可肉類或海鮮) £9.50

Thai sweet and sour dish with mixed vegetables served with rice and meat of your choice.

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)


40. PAD SEE EW 雜菜炒河粉配奄列(可選任可肉類或海鮮) £9.95

Stir fried flat rice noodles with mixed vegetables and meat of your choice.

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)

41. RARD NAA CHOW WANG 泰國特色醬麵(可選任可肉類或海鮮) £9.95

Famous noodle dish among Thai people. Thick velvet sauce seasoned with yellow bean and mixed vegetables served with meat of your choice (£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)

42. PAD MEE SAVOUY 炒麵(可選任可肉類或海鮮) £9.95

Stir fried yellow noodle with mixed vegetable served with meat of your choice 42

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)

43. GUAY TIEW RUE MOO TOON 炆豬肉湯麵 £9.95

Noodles with pork, stewed in aromatic broth with mixed vegetables served in a clay pot

44. GUAY TIEW TOM YUM ** 冬陰湯麵£9.95 (N)

Thai street vendor noodle soup flavoured with spicy Tom Yum broth. Choice of ground pork and fish ball or mixed seafood, both topped with boiled egg (£2.00 supplement for mixed seafoods)

45. PAD THAI GOONG MAE NAM BORAN 泰式大蝦炒河粉£10.95 (N)

Pad Thai noodle recipe passed down by chef’s grandmother, served with prawns

46. SPAGHETTI TOM YUM GOONG ** 冬陰公大蝦意£10.95

Spaghetti mixed with fresh Tom Yum sauce, served with king prawns

47. SPAGHETTI PAD KEE MAO *** 金不換蒜辣炒意大利粉(可選任可肉類或海鮮)£9.95

Spaghetti stir fried with chili, garlic, Thai sweet basil with meat of your choice

(£2.00 supplement for prawns, seafoods or duck)


50. MASSAMAN TAO HUU * 瑪莎曼咖哩雜菜配泰式炒飯 £9.50 (N)

Massaman curry with tofu, potato, carrot and onion served with rice

51. GANG KIEW WAN PAK (GF) ** 泰綠咖哩雜菜配飯 £9.50

Mixed vegetable green curry served with rice

52. GANG DANG BHED JAY ** 泰紅咖哩素鴨配飯 £9.50

Red curry with mocked duck and vegetables served with rice

53. GANG PANAG PAK (GF) ** 帕能咖哩雜菜配飯 £9.50

Panang curry with mixed seasonal vegetables served with rice

54. PIEW WAN TAO HUU 咕嚕豆腐雜菜配飯 £9.50

Tofu in sweet and sour sauce and vegetables served with rice

55. PAD GRAPOW TAO HUU *** 金不換炒豆腐雜菜配飯 £9.50

Stir fried chili, garlic, Thai holy basil, mixed with tofu and vegetables served with rice (Gluten free optional)

56. MA KUA SARM ROS * 特色茄子小炒配飯 £9.50

Aubergine stir fried with chef’s special sauce, a hint of tamarind and sweet basil served with rice

57. PAD MA KUA BAI HOR RA PA ** 醬爆茄子配飯 £9.50

Aubergine stir fried mixed with yellow bean sauce and sweet basil served with rice

58. YUM HED RUAM ** 雜菌沙律 £9.95

A variety of mushrooms and fresh salad tossed in fresh lime juice, chilli, and garlic dressing


Mixed vegetable clear soup with fresh medium tofu and glass noodles served with rice


111. PLA SEABASS YUM MAMOUNG * 脆炸鱸魚配綠芒果沙律 £13.95 (N)

Crispy whole seabass served with Thai style spicy salsa and cashew nut

222. PLA SEABASS NUENG SEE EW / NUENG MANAO** 蒸鱸魚(可選薑絲醬油或蒜檸汁) £13.95

Steamed whole seabass served with a choice of ginger and soy sauce or spicy limes and garlic sauce

333. BHED / GOONG MAKHAM 燒鴨或大蝦配羅望子醬 £12.95

A choice of duck or prawns topped with Paste’s signature tamarind sauce

444. SOM TUM YOK KROK ** 泰青木爪沙律 £7.95

Julienne of fresh green papaya, carrot, green beans, tomato, chilli, garlic and peanuts mixed with Thai salad dressing served inside “KROK” (Please state the strength of spiciness to our staff)

(£2 supplement for griled king prawns or £1 extra for pickled baby rice crabs and Thai anchovy sauce)


Marinated in “Wichian Buree Style”, roasted half chicken.

A very aromatic dish recommended with “ SOM TUM ”

666. YUM NUE YARNG ** 煎西冷牛扒配沙律 £12.95

Slices of grilled sirloin steak mixed with salad and Thai spicy dressing

777. SUEA RONG HAI 泰式煎西冷牛扒配雜菜 £12.95

Famous weeping tiger dish. Marinated grilled 8oz sirloin steak served with steamed vegetables and Jeaw dip along with a Thai gravy

888. PLA GOONG CHAO WUNG *** 大蝦沙律 £11.95

A recipe passed down by old generation from the palace. King prawn salad, seasoned with Thai herb dressing

999. LARB GAI ** 雞肉沙律 £9.95

A dish of chopped chicken, mint, red onions and coriander dressed in lime juice, ground red chilies and Thai roasted rice herbs

000. YUM WOON SEN ** 酸辣冬粉沙律 £11.95

Spicy glass noodles, mixed seafood salad tossed in Thai salad dressing